• Weather resistant
  • All stainless steel enclosure AISI-304
  • Buzzer output, displays visual alerts
  • Transflective 320 x 240 graphical display with white LED backlight
  • Ex II 2 G Ex d IIB T4 marked flameproof type of protection - Class 1, Zone 1 certified
  • The LCD is FSTN technology with 6” viewing area
  • Four internal mosfet solid-state relays, 1.2 amp each
  • Units: Metric and U.S. (kg, lbs, metric tons, long tons, short tons)
  • Monitor up to 32 wireless sensors which can include: Load, Angle, A2B, Wind Speed, Slew Sensor, Load Charts
  • The processor is contained within the display - No external enclosure required
  • Work Area Definition Software is included as standard - Allows users to setup a 3D area for restricting slew, boom radius and tip height
  • 2 year warranty against defects
  • Ram mounting bracket
  • Monitors any combination of: Load Cells, Load Pins, Line Riding Tensiometers, Angle/List Angle, Angle/Length, Anti-Two-Block, Wind Speed, Rope Payout, Tip Height, Load Charts and Custom Applications

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