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LSI-Robway is a market leading manufacturer of wireless and hardwired crane safety instrumentation.

Our products include: Load Cells, Load Pins, Line Riding Tensiometers, LMI Systems with Pressure Transducers, Rated Capacity Indicators/Limiters, Underhook Load Cells, Load Pin Shackles, Inclinometers, Anti-Two-Block Systems, Cable Reels (Length/Angle/Radius Systems), Wind Speed Sensors and Displays, Slew Sensors, Work Area Definition Software and more.

Our Radio Transmitter Division provides Radio Transmitters, Wireless Gateways and Radio Modems for general industrial applications.

Load Systems International was founded in 1998 by three individuals who had been working for a crane safety instrumentation manufacturer focusing on hardwired technology. They saw the advantages that wireless technology could bring to the crane and lifting industry. Some advantages are the lower cost of calibration and field installation and the elimination of both cables and frustrating product support.

LSI-Robway has locations in Houston, TX; Quebec City, Quebec Canada; Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom; Dubai, UAE, and Adelaide, South Australia. This infrastructure enables LSI-Robway to handle product support in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring that your equipment has minimal downtime.

Each location maintains a large level of product inventory and provides administration, sales and technical support services. We have 110 employees globally within the Load Systems group of companies. In our early years we came to understand that in order to offer effective wireless solutions for all crane types, we would need to develop our radio technology in-house, versus buying an “off the shelf” radio solution.

In 2005, LSI released the GS Series radio technology featuring two-way spread-spectrum radio technology. Current LSI crane sensors feature a range of 4,000 feet or 1,300 meters and 2 years of battery life. All of the latest LSI sensors feature our latest radio generation which offers up to 1 mile of range and up to 4 years of battery life.

As the only crane instrumentation manufacturer to design our radio technology in-house, you can be assured that LSI-Robway knows how our technology works and are in complete control of our radio functionality. Our products ARE market proven. LSI-Robway users range from government agencies (including the Navy, Coast Guard and NASA) to heavy lift contractors that have cranes ranging up to 3,000 tons. We cover all sectors that utilize cranes and lifting equipment, including ports, crane rental, marine and offshore oil and more.

LSI opened the Middle East office in March of 2005. LSI FZE operates in a suburb of Dubai, UAE called Sharjah UAE. LSI FZE focuses its efforts on offshore and land-based oil, marine, construction, port and general crane rental markets. The LSI FZE market covers the Middle East and Africa.

In February of 2012 Load Systems UK was opened in Aberdeen, UK. Load Systems UK services the European market and specializes in providing sales and support for offshore oil applications in the North Sea. Load Systems UK offers design services and manufactuing for load cells, load pin shackles and compression load cells.

On October 5th, 2012 LSI acquired the assets of Robway Crane Safety Systems Pty of Adelaide, South Australia. Robway has been the market leading crane safety instrumentation manufacturer for Australasia since 1977. Operating under the global name of LSI-Robway, we will proceed to offer a more diverse range of products and solutions for a greater multitude of applications. Robway's hardwired solutions are a welcome addition for our global markets and will satisfy users who have a preference for hardwired technology. Robway’s 35 year history brings a vast range of diverse crane safety solutions for the crane and lifting industry.

LSI-Robway’s Adelaide operation offers turnkey services such as product R&D, production, sales and technical support.

Today LSI-Robway has over 20 specialists focused on the R&D of new crane instrumentation technology. Our R&D personnel includes Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Software Engineers and Wireless Technology Engineers. We are in control of how our technology performs and we know why it works. We are not at the mercy of a third party vendor, which ensures that you are not left high and dry on your mission critical applications.

In September of 2012 Load Systems manufacturing facility in Quebec City, Canada received its ISO 9001-2008 certification. This ensures that customers can have complete confidence in the high quality of products that they receive. The LSI-Robway facility in Adelaide is also ISO 9001 certified.

We look forward to assisting you on your next wireless/hardwired technology product application, contact us today.


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